About Mazelations


Larry Robbins was out with a group of friends one evening when he heard something unique that immediately peaked his interest. His good friend uttered a word that was totally new to Robbins: Mazelations. A puzzled Robbins asked his friend about the word, and she explained that Mazelations is a blend of two greetings — Mazel Tov and Congratulations — and that she and her friends had been using it for years.

Without realizing it, the friends had stumbled upon what’s known in grammar as a portmanteau, a combination of words that forms a new word. The expression got Robbins musical juices flowing. A part-time singer and songwriter, Robbins was intrigued by Mazelations’ sound and meaning. He soon became determined to write a song featuring the newest word in his vocabulary.

The result is “Mazelations,” what Robbins describes as a celebration and party song. The song features a strong dance beat, an infectious sing-a-long chorus, and a positive, all-inclusive wish for a “lifetime of happiness” and “dreams that come true.”

Robbins wrote and recorded the song as an act of love — his love for music and his love for people. At his request, friends and family are heard singing background vocals in the recording, including the woman who first introduced him to the word Mazelations.

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“Mazelations is a combination of the words Mazel Tov and Congratulations”