Seriously, what on earth is everlasting? Is it a physical force of nature so imposing it will stand forever? If so, it just begs the next question… what is forever? (Yes, I just found my next song title.)

Is a mountain range an example of something everlasting? Could be, and possibly a good physical example – hence the very cool album cover art. On the other hand, since none of us can actually quantify the number of years or life times required to define everlasting, we will never physically be around to experience and prove the living definition of something – everlasting.

But spiritually, everlasting in our heart, mind and soul is something totally different. If a love of someone or some concept of being, is so intense within your soul, that you will spiritually “breath” when you physically cannot – that might be undying love. One might say that might be everlasting love.

I wrote Everlasting with my own personal “partner in life” in mind, being blessed to experience love – both spiritually and physically in my lifetime. Long after my physical breath of love can no longer be taken, I know the spiritual love will live on – deep within my undying soul – everlasting.

– Larry


It’s been said “to err is human, to forgive divine”
Then you’re my holy blessing, cause I’m erring all the time!

Oh I never get tired of being wrong
Shoot from the hip. So headstrong
No Never Whatever
I’m known to miscalculate
When describing our love make no mistake

Everlasting Far surpassing
We took a vow
Young and naïve a couple of kids who believed.
Love enduring, always maturing
Look at us now
Together as one, signing up for the long run
Everybody makes mistakes, out of line, out of place.
You come to the rescue, turn my bad into good taste

Might have had A minor touch of memory lapse
Missed a few dates Missed a few facts
Miscues Don’t mean to
Sometimes you make a choice you later regret
You’re the best decision ever – we’re the perfect duet

Our love is timeless, always and truly blessed
We said a prayer
A life filled with love and a spirit to be SHARED
I don’t know how to explain how boundless loves’ obtained
I can say now it’s worth every struggle to sustain
I can’t believe the moments treasured.
Now I’m convinced there is forever
I can’t conceive a life apart from you.
Creating those moments to remember
Future adventures to endeavor

Love you always, through every life phase
You by my side
Standing as one because we promises to provide
My love Is endless, always, continuous
We showed them how
Respecting the past, but thrive in the here and now
Keep working through, and your efforts will allow…

Forever EVER LASTING, Forever and for: EVERLASTING (choir)
Forever EVERLASTING, Forever and for: EVERLASTING
Forever and for: EVERLASTING, Forever and for: EVERLASTING