Larry Robbins is a Midwest native who worked his way through college as a part-time musician. He performed cover songs at bars and nightclubs, before trading in his musical ambitions for love and a stable career.

Today, Robbins is Vice President/General Manager for a food and gift supply company. It was that role that allowed Robbins an opportunity to blend music into his professional life. Several years ago, he wrote a song promoting nuts, one of the company’s main products. Then, in 2013, after receiving encouragement from friends and customers, he released another promotional song called “Mixed Nuts.”

Soon after, Robbins decided to branch beyond promotional music with the release of “Mazelations,” a song that conveys the joy in celebrating life’s special moments while offering an all-inclusive wish for dreams that come true. The song’s message inspired Robbins to create a line of greeting cards feauturing phrases from the lyrics.

Robbins’ newest release, “Hands On,” is about more than just expressing a wish. In a time of increasing societal unrest, the song encourages everyone to get involved in fostering young lives.

Is Robbins planning any more new songs? Maybe, he says. “A good musician always leaves the audience hoping for an encore.”

“A good musician always leaves the audience hoping for an encore.”

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