“Pay attention to the feelings, hunches, and intuitions that flood your life each day. If you do, you will see that premonitions are not rare, but a natural part of our lives.” —Larry Dossey, Author

In Premonition, singer and songwriter Larry Robbins touches on those inner feelings of inescapable fate—in this case, about a love that seems destined to end. But are those thoughts indications of pending heartbreak or just silly superstitions?

Premonition Cover


Words and Music by Lawrence Robbins


There’s something, oooh—
Something’s just not right.

There’s something, oooh—
I’ll tell ya, something’s just not right.

There’s something, oooh—
A feeling that I fight.

There’s something, oooh.

Just can’t put my finger on it.

I can’t shake this funny feeling, swirling in my brain.
Usually so rational, struggling to explain.
Probably nothing, total nonsense, sorry I mentioned.
But I can’t stop this eerie vibe, I can’t shed this apprehension.

I feel the winds of change, and they’re blowin’ in.
Stirring up inner thoughts, my intuition.
Sensing a love withdrawal, handwriting on the wall.
Can’t ignore these signs.
Premonition on my mind

Just can’t wrap my head around it.
Can’t ignore the distance even when we’re together.
Now it’s here, that cloud of doubt, I mentioned—remember?
You always said the future’s bright, the vision dreamed in sight.
I woke up with a scream last night, the path was blocked to our forever.

I feel the winds of change and they’re blowing cold.
Even a gentle breeze, send shivers uncontrolled.
It’s the feeling in my bones, the foreboding overtones.
Can’t undo once it’s said.
Premonition in my head.
Premonition, Premonition.

I can’t focus in, on these visions so unclear.
This feeling of vague, sadly just so obscure. So tense.
No positive thoughts making dread disappear.
When intuition says wait, smart to stay clear.
Best defense is common sense.

If you believe in omens and you’re still on the mind fence.
Might suggest you listen to your personal sixth sense
If all the signs are pointing to a life of suspicion.
Maybe it’s just superstition. Maybe it’s your premonition.

I feel the winds of change and they’re blowin’ sweet.
Making a change required to live a life complete.
Proud that I prevailed, and all that it entailed.
And yea, I reached my goal.

And thankful I found control. And premonition in my soul.


I just put my finger on it.