“This song is for everyone who ever accomplished a goal or overcame adversity—while proving themselves capable and their naysayers wrong.”

—Larry Robbins
I Did It Cover
“I Did It is a funky and catchy groove driven lyrical journey that starts with a very well played slippery drumbeat. It is the simplicity of the production that allows the listener to focus on the lyrical content again…
…Larry’s lyrics are simply next level.”

Luke Wolk, Radio Guitar One


I like to describe I Did It (Hey Doubters) as an upbeat rocker popper with a serious groove.

It should resonate with anyone who, despite those closest to them doubting or disregarding their ability to overcome their fears, has ever tackled a life goal or mission—and in the end prevailed.

My lifelong friend, Jim Perlman, inspired me to write I Did It. When I first heard that Jim, a cancer survivor, planned to participate in the Victory Center’s annual “Over The Edge“ fundraiser by rappelling down the side of a sixteen-story office building, I had some doubts. You see, anyone who knows “Perl” knows about his fear of heights. Or, as he wittily puts it, “It’s not heights I’m afraid of; it’s hitting the ground.“

Jim not only persevered and overcame his fears to the amazement of a rowdy group of onlooking family and friends (ceremoniously kissing the ground as an act of gratitude), but he also became the Victory Center’s largest single fundraiser by securing more than $16,000 in donations to support cancer patients, survivors, and those closest to them.

Hey Jim, you did it! And in the process, you motivated your buddy to put your story to music. So thank you for the inspiration and for inspiring those who hear about your experience and are finally able to say, “I Did It.“

Thanks for listening,




Words and Music by Lawrence Robbins

I did it, did it,
Whoa, I did it.

Hey Doubters, I did it.
Went over the edge.
I bit off—committed,
Made this pledge.

Rappel down my mountain of woeful intent.
And step off—a leap of faith descent.
A second chance, reinvent.

So maybe I’m just your typical predictable,
Living my daily mundane.
Trying to make a go of it, trying to take the high road,
So trying to keep my head in the game.

This decision is pivotal, tired of living minimal.
There’s got to be more to attain.
I’m deeper than your shallow glance.
The depth to change one’s circumstance.

Hey Skeptics, accept it, I’m makin’ a move.
You critics, forget it. Scratched. Removed.
I’m droppin you cynics, your nasty abuse.
Your scams and your gimmicks, those false views.
Can no longer excuse.

So tired of being so miserable,
Pitiful, grinding out my daily routine.
Searching for additional, craving more original,
Tired of being stuck in between.

Done flirting with trouble,
Gotta vacate this bubble.
Experience a whole new scene.
Find the strength to finally leave.
Find faith from those who still believe.

Stay focused on the vision.
Not the time for indecision.
Look adversity in the eye.
Time to make a plan revision.
Got to work it with precision.
Find the strength, the will, the ambition.
Listen—you’ll hear a new rendition.

Naysayers, betrayers, I’ll block you somehow.
You movers, you shakers won’t allow.
Deniers and liars, you’re dead to me now
It’s over. You’re fired. Disavowed.

Hey Doubters, I did it.
Dismantled, rebuilt it with clear goals in mind.
Priorities focused, realigned.
Committed, permitted the past left behind.
No more self-denying. It’s my time.
Passions realigned.

Defeatists, extremists, you’re wasting your time.

Erratics, fanatics—you’re no friend of mine.

I showed up—competed.
Commitment deep-seated.
Hey, mission completed.

Hey Doubters, I did it.
I did it, I did it.
Whoa, I did it.