Some people say, “don’t put off what you can do today”
Well that just doesn’t get it for me.

“A clever arrangement peppered with diverse instrumentation and a swingy shuffle beat supported by an acoustic fretless bass made this one my favorite cut on the album.”

Luke Wolk, Radio Guitar One



Words and Music by Lawrence Robbins

One, Two – ugh  the way we do
A too da li doo, we ooo, we ooo
A too da li doo, the way we do
A dawdling fool – I’ll do it – later, time waster – No time right now –

I’ll do it later
I’m just a “do it now” hater
Your poster child of inaction
Who just excels in living procrastination

Why decide right now, should probably hesitate
Just might need to wait and see
Not gonna rush right in, make a big mistake
Puttin’ it off sounds good to me, and sets me free

I’ll do it later
I’m undecisive, a real hesitater
A wait and see situation
The perfect time for procrastination

Some people say, “don’t put off what you can do today”
Well that just doesn’t get it for me
So I’ll blow off the day, I wouldn’t finish anyway
I’m no Type A personality, that’s not me

I’ll do it later, I’ll do it later
Maybe I should hit delay, reschedule for a another day
And so I’m inclined to take the day and unwind – there’s tomorrow
If tomorrow doesn’t work, responsibilities shirked
My only explanation is the beauty of procrastination

So I’ll vacillate, go back and forth deliberate
All of the pro and con causes so much stress
Guess I’ll delay, hold off defer what’s another day
Delinquent time waster
A time management failure
Procrastinator extraordinaire – Guess I just don’t care

I‘ll do it later
I’ll probably do it later
I’m pretty sure, I’ll do it later
I’ll possibly, do it later
Or maybe I should wait
Maybe I should think about it